Light Phone

Perhaps your relationship with your phone is getting out of hand. Or maybe it’s the daily recharges and pocket dedicated entirely to your phablet-sized device. Regardless, the Light Phone solves these issues perhaps a little too well. With the profile of a credit card and a weight of just over an ounce, this is a phone that you’ll end up using as little as possible, primarily because it can’t really do much other than make and receive calls — so it’s best set up as a secondary phone with call forwarding from your primary when you want to cut the cord at a total cost of $5 per month for the extra SIM card. Touch-sensitive buttons, which number twelve total, include the ten numbers necessary to dial, as well as one for calling and one for deleting, though it’s also got a power button up top and a lock slider on the left. So forget about texting. You can either start memorizing numbers or load up to 9 as speed dial using your computer, each dialled by a long press of the corresponding number. It’s also small enough to fit in normal wallets so it’ll slip both out of sight and out of mind.

Learn more at The Light Phone – $150