LifeStar Leather Charge Cables

You’ve invested your hard earned money in a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other modern technological necessities. After such an outlay of capital, why use the standard poly coated power cables and connectors? PlusUs offers the solution to the quality and aesthetics most cords lack while offering a myriad of plug options. This double layer, tangle free line provides 2.4 Amps for full speed charging via Lighting or Micro USB. And forget wrapping your cord around your device or wadding it into a ball for transport: Lifestar is portable at just 10” and is a perfect size for charging and syncing with your laptop. If 10” isn’t enough, a 3.3’ cord is also available. Just select the silver anodized connection type required and enjoy the stylish Tan PU leather and Gunmetal grey stitch construction.

Find it at PlusUs – $37 for two