LifeLink PlusUs

There’s been no shortage of portable charge cables hitting the crowdfunding sites as of late, and here’s another, though whichever you choose, we’re sure you’ll be much happier than with standard tangle-prone cables straight from the manufacturer. LifeLink’s two halves – one with a USB plug and one with the specific port that charges your phone – snap together like puzzle pieces, detaching from one another to extend up to 7 inches in length. It’s also extremely thin, roughly equivalent to two credit cards in thickness, sports a durable Teflon cable that doubles as a keychain loop, and comes in three models: Micro USB, 30-pin for older iPhones and iPods, and Lightning. Plus, each LifeLink ordered leads to a charitable contribution, providing either education, shelter or clean water to those in need.

Preorder here – $14