LG OLED 4K Wallpaper TV

The well-known technology company LG are known for their astonishing design and incredible performance. Now they’ve gone above and beyond and created a technology and design first! TV tech, speakers and connections all together in a separate LG OLED Hub, it means you’re left with a TV that is an incredible, 4mm thick. The LG OLED Hub is specifically designed for the LG Wallpaper TV, with world class audio for an indisputable Dolby Atmos experience. The TV has advanced HDR technology that can flawlessly adapt to a variety of HDR formats, providing an unquestionable picture production. With a TV as thin as this, you would expect a low quality, 2D picture but in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Dolby Atmos produces each images unique audio in three-dimensional space for full, cinema experience, immersion, and unbelievable performance.