Lenkr Type B Handlebar

Indulging the minimalist urban hipster within all of us, Lenkr Wooden Handlebars take your daily commute to the next level. Each Lenkr is comprised of two distinguished materials — walnut wood supported by an anodized aluminium core — melding together natural elegance and industrial innovation to create a timeless addition to your bike. Available in two types, A and B (for “modern” and “classic” bikes respectively), each is designed with the rider in mind. Type-B at one inch in diameter, fits any classic bike suspension and weighs in at just 160 grams, customizable with either silver or black finish. As the wood naturally ages the distinct character of your handlebar will subtly change over years of use. Additionally, both are made in Berlin and feature a UV protective varnish to guard against extensive sun damage, highlight the natural wood grain, and protect against a reasonable amount of rain.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $87