LED Buster Bulb

As gorgeous as they are, we have two main gripes with Edison bulbs: their price and their longevity. Buster + Punch’s LED Buster Bulb is as close as light-emitting diodes have come to emulating the unique mood provided by the former. A resin light pipe softly and cleanly diffuses the light through teardrop-shaped glass shells, each finished with a satin metallic sheen in gold, smoked grey, or bright crystal. Rated at 3W, they consume a mere fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs and last roughly 10,000 hours, or about 5 years at six hours of use per day. Use them as direct replacements for your existing E27 base incandescents, or grab a couple with solid steel, bronze, or copper fixtures matched to matt black rubber cords.

Find it at Buster + Punch – roughly $60 (bulb) to $195 (with fixture)