Lab-Box Daylight Film Developing Kit

Like vinyl records, analog photography is picking back up. So it follows that developing is as well. The Lab-Box Daylight Film Developing Kit makes it simple to develop your own 135 or 120 film photos without the need for a red light nor a darkroom. To load, trim a bit off the end of your exposed film, then insert it into the module slot, hook the film to the spool, and place the lid on. Then turn the knob until the film is completely rolled onto the spool and, when it’s fully unrolled, press the cutting lever to separate the film from the cartridge (note: the 120 format film works a little differently but is just as simple). At that point, pour in the appropriate liquids for the chosen developing process and turn the knob to agitate and evenly expose the film to the chemicals as directed. Switching between 135 and 120 format films is as simple as swapping in the appropriate module on the tank, and it’s small enough to carry with you if you’d like to develop your shots on-site.

Find it at Kickstarter – $110