Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle

For some, finishing a wine bottle in one sitting — with or without guests — isn’t asking much. But if you’d rather not have oxidation force you into finishing an open bottle within a couple of days, there’s the Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle. Compatible with Kuvee refill cartridges filled with wine from about fifty (and counting) wineries and labels, the Kuvee Bottle is squarish and large and boasts WiFi, a touch screen Smart Label, as well as a standard looking spout. Insert a cartridge and its label shows up on the screen. Tilt the bottle to pour as you would an ordinary wine bottle, but with one benefit: no oxygen enters the bottle itself, preserving the wine’s taste for about a month. This makes opening multiple bottles of wine to suit multiple tastes a very real possibility, and prevents you being stuck with unwanted bottles of vinegar three days later. Ordering more wine is equally easy: flip through choices on its display and select what you want then and there to have them shipped over. Or, if you’d rather stick with classic wine bottles, splurge for a Coravin.

Read more at Kuvee – $200 (including four bottles of wine)