Kreisel Electric G-Class

Tesla’s already proven that green doesn’t mean slow, and the Kreisel Electric G-Class is a further proof of concept when it comes to electrifying large, bulky SUVs. The all-wheel drive Electric G-Class sports twin electric motors that provide up to 360kW (roughly 483hp) of power to all four wheels, tackling extreme slopes and uneven terrain easily. Put it on flat tarmac though and the truck can go from 0 to 62 in 5.6 seconds, a big improvement over the ordinary fuel-powered G-Class. Two of Kreisel’s fast-charging high density batteries power the thing, giving it a range of about 190 miles which, while not spectacular, isn’t half bad considering this Mercedes was never designed with aerodynamics (or any manner of humility, really) at the forefront.

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