Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition

For how it sounds, the iconic Koss Porta Pro is amongst the best bang-for-your-buck headphones around. Perhaps that’s a little less the case for the Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition since there’s a premium to be paid for the two new color schemes — Black Gold and Rhythm Beige — but in an age where headphones go for a month’s worth of groceries these are still a steal. Along with the color change both include an inline mic, a remote with attenuating volume control, and a play/pause button, as well as two carrying cases: the same soft bag that comes with the classic model plus a hard case better suited to the bottom of an overstuffed backpack. They otherwise have the same open-air cushions, adjustable design, and distinctive adjustable tension switch on either side to transfer the pressure to its temporal pads for greater comfort.

Snap one up at Amazon – $60