In a world where the artistic form of writing has been replaced with swipes on a digital screen, the KOSMOS Titanium Pen is a breath of fresh air. With state-of-the-art features fully encased in a superbly styled and precision engineered writing instrument constructed of Grade 5 premium solid titanium, the KOSMOS Titan is simply a marvel to behold. Not only does it feature a unique pen opening mechanism, it does so using an ingenious solution integrating powerful neodymium magnets to help secure the pen’s cap whether you’re writing with it or simply lying on your desk.

And in cases where it does lie on your office desk, its sleek lines will bring out the oohs and ahhs of anyone who sees it. Available in matte finish or a more elegant and stylish version sporting a mirror polished finish, the Titan exudes with personality that should match well your own tastes of the finer things in life. Its matte variant is great against scratches, making it an exceptional writing tool for those whose work may not necessarily be confined to the 4 walls of the office. The KOSMOS Titan is a pen that breathes life back into the lost art of handwritten communication.