Kokoon EEG Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones go a long way to facilitate napping on planes, trains, and even in noisy homes. Kokoon EEG Headphones take the concept a few steps further, combining both passive insulation and active sound cancelling with electroencephalography sensors to monitor brain activity and shed light on your sleep patterns and relaxation. The sensors let these Bluetooth headphones adjust audio levels as you fall asleep, continuously adapting your audio to minimize external disturbances, and enable the headset to double as an alarm that wakes you up at just the right time in your sleep cycle to feel refreshed. Onkyo acoustics also guarantee that Kokoon sounds great for regular music listening for when you’re not trying to fall asleep. Else, they feature a highly ventilated body and CoolGel cushioning for comfort over long periods of wear, pack down to roughly the size of a book for easy transport, and come in a non-EEG equipped version as well.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $160 to $190