Kohler Touchless Toilets

Chalk it up to paranoia, but we don’t touch anything with our hands in most bathrooms, kicking at the handle to flush, at the faucet’s handles to shut it off, and opening the door to leave with our feet. Hell, we won’t even touch the toilets in our own homes. If you’re with us on the above, seek help. Pricy shrinks notwithstanding, upgrade with Kohler’s Touchless Toilets. Simply hold your hand over the tank sensor to activate the flush, no contact of any kind required. And because of their upwards-facing placement on top of the tank, they won’t flush repeatedly (and uselessly) while you’re sitting on the throne. Kohler’s offerings include two touchless toilet models – the sleek San Souci and the orthodox Cimarron – plus a sensor-equipped flush kit to retrofit your existing mechanical bowl with their hygienic innovation.

Learn more at Amazon – $50