Kodak Super 8

It’s analog. It’s digital. It’s a whole lot of both. If you’re old enough to know what film is, and not the kind that forms on that mystery tupperware in the fridge, you know the Super 8 that changed cinema forever. Aspiring filmmakers became icons using Kodak’s staple camera. Now a new era of filmmaking for neophyte directors takes over where the old tech leaves off. Instead of digital uploads this Super 8 allows users to capture the warmth and depth of their subjects on film, while taking advantage of cutting edge technology alongside a 3.5-inch swing-out viewfinder, a mic, and an SD card slot. Kodak’s film processing also includes a digital copy of your footage. Lest you think that there are other digital cameras that do what Kodak’s new offering does, remember this: nothing can replace the emotion and nostalgia that comes from a time honored classic.

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