Kobi Lawn Maintenance Robot

Before AI rises up against us, we might as well use robots to do more than just vacuum the house. Kobi takes care of the outside of your home so you can spend less time doing yard work and more time not. This fully autonomous, fully electric time saving tool handles lawns of up to 7 acres and won’t be bothering anyone thanks to silent motors. It’s based on three interchangeable modules (snow blower included): one for mowing the lawn, one for blowing leaves off your driveway, and a third to remove snow, staying useful through all four seasons. You can also link to Kobi via a smartphone app and even sync it with local weather forecasts so it knows to head outside and clear a path to your car before you even get up to see the snow. Be the first in your neighbourhood to watch others shovel snow in a storm while you sit in your bathrobe with brandy in hand.

Available early next year. Learn more at Kobi – $4,000+