Double tap your coffee table to lower the blinds. Slap your night table to start brewing coffee right from bed. Or knock on your bookshelf to have a concealed door behind it swing open (granted, this one might take more work than the two before it). The common link between all these scenarios is Knocki. These mountable disks go up anywhere using 3M tape (or using screws) and turn the surface they’re affixed to into a giant remote control, triggering programmable actions at a pattern of knocks and taps. Two taps might turn a light on while three dims it and four turns on the television; the possibilities are endlessly customizable to suit your creativity and needs. Each Knocki lasts over 12 months on a single set of AAA batteries, works with a variety of smart home platforms like Nest, Lifx and WeMo, and can easily be hidden behind surfaces while still detecting knocks, simultaneously kicking up the impressive factor several fold.

Find it at Kickstarter – $60