Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine

Knitting, while relaxing, is excessively time consuming. And while it won’t help you unwind the Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine simplifies the job of knitting by basically doing almost all of the legwork. First, it’s bigger than it looks: while compact compared to industrial machines a Kniterate can still knit out sweaters, scarves, or slippers, though you’ll need to create designs yourself (or download some) using templates. Since the machine boasts six feeders creating wares with a multitude of colors or materials is a breeze, and a design web app lets you easily customize the templates to your liking. Once you’ve got a swatch ready for testing or a piece you want to knit, let Kniterate do its thing and a few minutes (or hours, depending on complexity) later your creation will be wearable — or ready to be tweaked, polished, and a re-knitted.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $4,500+ [via]