Klymit Kinetic Double Diamond Vest

Choosing just the right amount of insulation for an outdoor expedition is a tricky thing. Of course, more is nearly always better – or at least a safer choice – versus less, but wouldn’t on the fly adjusting be a better option? Klymit’s Double Diamond vest lets you do just that, thanks to Nobletek gas chambers that fill up with air, amounts at your discretion, to let you control the degree of insulation. They’re made of durable a 4-way stretch polyester to leave range of motion unhindered, include a dry air pump for inflation, and also work with Klymit’s Argon kit to fill the vest with argon, a particularly well-insulating (three-fold better than air) and safe inert gas.

Grab one at Amazon (plus an argon starter kit ($40) if you so desire) – $100