Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Sleeping in a hammock, as opposed to on the ground on a sleeping pad, has its advantages. For instance you won’t need to deal with rocks and uneven terrain nor lug around quite as heavy gear in your pack. Still, the air can be cold, and the all-too malleable fabric can lead to awkward back curvature and limited sleeping positions. Klymit’s Hammock V Sleeping Pad addresses these issues and others by way of an inflatable pad that fits all standard-sized hammocks, both single and double wide, and supports you whether you sleep on your back or side. It inflates in a quick 15 to 20 breaths and wraps around your body to create a barrier from the cold, with several non-slip zones to keep the pad and sleeping bag snugly in place until dawn. It’s also made of a rugged 20D polyester and weighs in at 27 ounces, boosting packability and carry. Otherwise available for preorder in an insulated version that’s even warmer.

Grab one at Amazon – $140