Klokers KLOK-02

Klokers’ KLOK-01 is unique, though even by those standards the newly unveiled KLOK-02 is exceptional. This timepiece displays the time in retrograde direction, showing seconds on the outer ring, the minutes right underneath, and the hours in the center. Interestingly, the watch also supports switching between all 24 time zones at the push of its 4 o’clock button, displaying the current time zone in the window just to the right of the hour (and displaying the date at a longer press of this same button). The watch’s embossed faux leather finish also helps set it apart, as does compatibility with Klokers’ Docking Jewel, which allows for swapping the watch quickly between straps, a clip, or a pocket watch chain, all in all making this watch as versatile as it is bold.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $335