Klafs S1 Sauna

Forget the price of installing sauna. The amount of space they take up is restrictive enough. That’s why the Klafs S1 Sauna was instead designed to retract at the push of a button, going from two feet in depth to a spacious five feet three inches in 21 seconds at the push of a button. Five different exterior trims — including oak, Swiss pine, walnut, and white, with or without large front windows — ensure it fits in along with homes styled any which way. Inside the S1 is fitted with ergonomic benches of abachi that can be pulled forward slightly as well as two reclining head supports. Multiple other lavish options include a folding bench for lying flat, a colored light display, and a Bluetooth-enabled RelaxAudio sound system that transforms the rear wall of the sauna into a giant loudspeaker.

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