King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor

Superhydrophilic may not be in your current lexicon, but once you use the Hyperglide Razor you’ll not only know what it means, you’ll feel it. Minimal invasive friction was the goal and is the key to the Hyperglide’s comfort, closeness and effortless shave glide. The self-lubricating cartridge generates its own HydroGel when it comes in contact with water, eliminating the need for messy time consuming creams or lube. Five narrow blades minimize clogging and increase shaving precision while the reverse of the razor offers a detailing edge trimmer for sideburns, beards, and any other facial epidermis and corium follicular matter. Ergonomic handle design maximizes blade contact with the skin for the closest shave possible making this the ideal shaver for those with sensitive skin. And if you’re wondering where you can store such a quantum leap in shaving technology, wonder no further: each Hyperglide comes with its own suction cup wall hanger with blade guard.

Available at Amazon. Otherwise, learn more at King of Shave – $12