Killspencer Veil for iPhone 4/4S

While smartphones nowadays are quite capable, one thing is definitely lacking: individuality. Everybody’s got the same friggin’ phones (read: iPhone), and with Apple’s 2 year cycle redesign, even if your phone isn’t the same, it still looks it (4S vs plain old 4).

Killspencer addresses this with their iPhone Veils. Shaped to fit the back of an iPhone 4/4S perfectly and doubling as protection from scratches, the Veils set your iPhone apart from the rest of the world’s, if only when viewed from the backside. Application is peel and stick, and leaves no residue.

30$ is not a lot to pay for some personality. Available in 3 colors – zebrawood, macassar ebony (above), and black (right) – at Killspencer.