Kickstand Desk for Bike Trainers

We love biking. Our only regret is that we can’t bike more often, especially during those cold & snowy winter months. Bike trainers partially solve this problem by allowing bikers to keep fit and ready to tear it up the following summer, but staying in one place can get kind of boring – unless of course you’re watching TV.

Ready to get more done during your training? The Kickstand desk (essentially a desk on stilts) has a ton of clearance for a bike on a trainer (and even most upright stationary bikes), allowing you to be productive while still getting a work out. The desk can also extend skywards to allow for different-sized bikes to fit. It looks solid as hell to boot and will probably last forever.

Check out KickstandFurniture to pick one up for yourself – starting at 1500$. Or, worst case, just pile up some books under your current desk.