Keyboardio Model 01

We spend unimaginable amounts of time in front of our computers, but strangely our keyboards seem designed to prioritize orderly aesthetic appearance over ergonomics. That’s where the Keyboardio Model 01 differs. Striking in its own right, the Model 01 features a body and palm rest made of machined solid maple, tactile Matias Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches, custom sculpted keycaps, and a QWERTY layout that better fits the shape of human hands. The split design also allows for various conformations to fit your preferences, including flat (shown), tented, tripod mounted, or separated as far as you’d like, each half connected to the other by a standard telephone cable. Plus, underneath every key is an independently programmable RGB LED that can be customized to do whatever your code tells it to.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300