Kano DIY Computer

Remember UNIVAC, not the all-in-one from Hoover, but the computer? Of course you don’t. Well here’s the great great great³ grandson of that 17,000lb monstrosity, the Kano. Touted as the computer that “anyone can make” and as simple as Lego, the smart design fits in your pocket, and allows the user to do a plethora of cool things. Powered by Raspberry Pi, you can use this able little computer to code, make games, use video and sound, hook up a speaker, use it as a wireless sever, plan a moon landing, and much more. Kano is open source, so if someone can dream it, you can do it too. The standard Kano kit comes with illustrated books, the Kano OS, a DIY speaker, Raspberry Pi board, keyboard, case, card modes, stencils and most importantly, stickers. At a fraction of the price of most computers, this little device is perfect for anyone who wants to quit consuming technology and create it.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $120