Kammok Sunda

You’ve likely already heard of Kammok from their camping hammocks amongst other outdoor gear. The Kammok Sunda is their first tent, but the influence of their previous free-spirited products on its design is apparent. Set it up on the ground and it’s an excellent freestanding tent with 35 square feet of floor space and room for two, with a longer-than-normal length that will easily sleep freakishly tall campers. If you find yourself over rocky or highly uneven ground just set it up as a hammock shelter instead between two trees (albeit at the cost of sleeping just one, not two). The ultralight tent includes a Nannoet no-see-um mesh that grants greater outwards visibility while keeping even the tiniest bugs out, a heat-reflecting outer tent fabric that doesn’t turn your tent into a greenhouse, and DAC poles for the frame, all sitting on a nylon taffeta “tub” floor to keep water out. Both the mesh and outer fabric are independent of one another so you can set up the tent as desired or even ditch the mesh to further curb weight. Other notable features include Lunarlight diffuser pockets in which to place a flashlight to light up the inside of the tent, plenty of inner pockets and loops to stash and hang gear, and nothing but YKK for zippers.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300