Kalisaya KaliPAK Portable Solar Generator

Need quiet, clean electrical power, and lots of it? Kalisaya’s KaliPAK Portable Solar Generator is more than enough for a plethora of commonly used devices, like laptops, lanterns, cameras, smartphones, and everything in between. The device comes in three flavors — the KP201, KP401, and KP601 — with increasing wattage by way of additional battery capacity and solar panel output (20 watts for the 201, 40 watts for the other two) as the model number grows higher. The briefcase sized device is easy to use and can charge, depending on the model, an iPhone 32 to 93 times over, or even a laptop many multiple times. You can also charge the KaliPAK itself quicker with an included AC/DC wall charger or using your car’s cigarette lighter output, and the case is compatible with Kalisaya’s optional weatherproof raincoat accessory that’s impermeable to water and that boasts straps to let you wear it as a backpack.

Find it at Amazon – $600+