Juicero Cold-Press Juicer

Between selecting and buying produce, cutting it up, jamming it into your juicer, and then cleaning up afterwards, juicing is a time-consuming affair. The Juicero Cold-Press Juicer makes the process as easy as loading a Keurig with a K-Cup. The press itself is minimal, with a bead-blasted aluminum door and a single button, but packs serious power that allows it to apply the thousands of pounds of force needed to extract nutrients. Each proprietary pack — currently available in five recipes with more coming — contains raw, organic produce that’s triple washed and chopped up for maximum yield and lasts for six days in your refrigerator. Using it couldn’t be simpler: grab a pack, hang it inside the press, then close it up and press its only button. Within a couple of minutes you’ve got 8 ounces of fresh juice and a clean up that only involves recycling the pack. Though like all cold-press juices running this thing isn’t cheap: each single-serve pouch costs between $4 and $10.

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