Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Carefully blended from several of Scotland’s rarest, most remarkable whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an amalgamation of complexities, some acquired from distilleries long extinct. Hints of hazelnut, honey, sherry, oranges proceed the richly smoky yet sweet flavor, followed by undertones of dark chocolate and ginger. Drinks well neat, on ice, or alongside a tall glass of water, and pairs nicely with a equally fine cigar. It’s an award-winning whisky worth crossing off your bucket list, and a surprisingly smooth, pleasant one at that. And it makes an equally powerful way of expressing gratitude, for instance when you’re looking to repay a selfless stranger or two that helped you win a wager for a priceless Delahaye 135S racing car, as in the short The Wager 2, starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini, and Zhao Wei.

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