Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder

While thin at just 8.5mm, the Jackfish isn’t quite slim enough to slip into your wallet; instead, it is your wallet, carrying up to to four cards securely thanks to its spring loaded mechanism. And this is alongside the load of equipment it’s packed with, including a liquid-filled compass, a 120 dB whistle, a windproof match and striker, a glass vial for water purifying iodine, a micro SD flash drive reader (SD card not included) to load with a copy of your passport amongst other documents, three screwdrivers — a micro flat head for eyeglasses plus both a Philips and a flathead in standard sizes, firesteel, and a Spyderco Bug Knife. Moreover, each Jackfish itself is machined from either aluminum or titanium, making it nigh indestructible and equipped with a slot that doubles as a driver for the three included hex bits.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $100