iXoost Xilo 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker

Like many Italian supercar producers, the iXoost Xilo 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker is built in Modena, Italy, for one primary reason: it’s built right into a Formula 1-inspired exhaust. The speaker employs twin 4-inch mid bass drivers, two 3-inch midranges, one 2-inch tweeter at the center, and a single downwards-firing 8-inch subwoofer, each at the end of curved and hand-welded pipes that act as a bass reflex conduit for the speakers, producing sound as rich as its design. Bluetooth 4.0 and auxiliary inputs support both wireless and wired connectivity while iXoost’s Audio Suite app allows for customizing the audio output of your speaker, or instead for using it to listen the sounds of various vehicle engines.

Find it at iXoost – roughly $5,700