ITS Mini Survival Kit

MacGyver may be able to get out of any situation with a paperclip, piece of gun and his trusty Swiss Army knife, but the rest of us need a little more. Fortunately, the ITS Mini Survival Kit fills the gap between Mac and a Special Ops pack. This pocket size kit provides all the tools you need to start a fire, signal for help, navigate at night, snare some food, purify water, or cut down a tree. You’ll even be prepared if you get injured… providing of course that the injury can be remedied by anti-biotic ointment and Steri-Strips. At 3.4 ounces you won’t be weighed down and there’s no worries if you accidentally get your kit wet, since almost everything is wrapped within poly water-resistant bags. Oh, and most importantly, the Mini Survival Kit includes a bit of duct tape – 6 inches of the stuff, to be exact.

Pick one up at Imminent Threat Solutions – $30