It Bed

It ships in a compact box like the numerous other mattresses you can order online. Sleep Number’s It Bed stands out in a big way still, considering it’s the first to let you adjust the firmness of the mattress on the fly from your smartphone. ActiveComfort air-filled chambers can be switched from soft to firm and everything in between, though this unsurprisingly requires you to plug it in. Even better, the two halves can be independently controlled to give each sleeper a custom tailored firmness. It’s also got SleepIQ, which is essentially a sleep tracker composed of sensors built right in the mattress to measure heart rate, breathing, and movement to get a decent picture of how you’re sleeping and for how long, pushing feedback and metrics to your smartphone in the morning. And if you’ve got other smart devices like a fitness tracker or Nest thermostat link them to the It Bed, too, to get an idea of how workouts and home temperatures affect your sleep.

Hit up Sleep Number for details – $800+ ($1,100 for a queen)