iPhone Carabiner Clip

Wearing gadgets around your neck never really took off (think original iPod shuffle), but we think Photojojo may have some merit with their iPhone Carabiner Clip. Carabiners are awesome and very convenient to attach/detach, though attaching one to your phone and ensuring it doesn’t fall off is a different story. We’re pretty sure Photojojo’s solution will do the trick: screw the damned thing right into the phone with the provided extra long screws and screwdriver. Then just clip it to your belt loop/bag strap/messenger bag/whatever to have very quick access to your phone and its built in cam.
The strap is made of leather, and yes, the dock connector will still plug in, even with the Carabiner on. Order one for your iPhone 4/4S at the Photojojo store – 30$.