Iorca Box Bed

Ahh Italia. The streets of Venezia, the Laguna Veneta, the Piazza San Marco, and now The Iorca Chic. Born of Italian artisan craftsmansip, blending old world influence with a modern and elegant design, the Iorca isn’t a sailing vessel of a supercar. It’s a bed, but not just any bed. The Iorca Chic has a hidden storage compartment beneath the mattress that lifts easily from its frame to reveal a space heretofore nearly unusable beneath the bed. The large size let’s you store just about anything you can think of, or hide valuables like passports, jewelry, embezzled funds and the like. There are three models to choose from, Comfort, Dream and Relax each designed to bring the Sandman quickly. With anti-allergenic stuffing and a revolutionary design that promotes air flow while inhibiting bacteria and mold build-up, you’ll sleep like a baby over a large storage compartment.

Find it at Lovli – roughly $2000