Insta-Chains Automatic Tire Chains

Rubber and ice don’t play well together. So tires often need a helping hand in terms of studs or chains, both rife with compromises. And while the far more convenient Insta-Chains Automatic Tire Chains won’t fit on compact cars they’re godsend for trucks, ambulances, and buses that regularly have to drive through treacherous conditions. The device turns on at the flip of a switch within the cab, spinning up a set of short chain strands on a disk and carefully moving them into position beside each tire so they go under the rubber as the vehicle is driven. They boost traction as well as permanent chains, can also be retracted in an instant up and away from the asphalt, and end up lasting much longer considering they won’t ever need to be activated longer than necessary.

Learn more at Insta-Chain – $2,000 [via]