Inferno Cocoon Hammock

Can’t fathom how a simple hammock could keep you warm and toasty in colder months? One look at Sierra Madre Research’s Inferno Cocoon Hammock should be answer enough. The system is made up of two parts appropriately named Top and Under which go on top and under your body, respectively, with which to outfit your preferred normal hammock. The Top resembles a mummy bag with a zipper-free backless design to get in and out quickly and boasts both a footnest and several cinches to get the bag snug and contoured. On the other hand the Under looks a bit like a hammock itself but seals around one for full backside insulation, with the added advantage of leaving much of its insulation uncompressed (and hanging underneath the hammock) to leave its heat-isolating properties uncompromised. Combine both for serious weather resistance and equally serious insulation: its RDS 800 Fill Power DownTek Down handles temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, though a lighter, spring and fall version is rated to 30 degrees F as well if you don’t see yourself braving winter in a hammock.

Find it at Kickstarter – $300