In Case Of Cabinets

Safe Zone Maps ensure you and your buddies know where to regroup when the zombie infestation inevitably spreads to your state. But if they’re already knocking on your door it’s probably too late. As a last resort, there’s In Case Of cabinets. These solid, sheet metal cabinets are chock full of all the necessary gear to give your foes a run for their money, whether they be zombies (12 gauge shotgun, hunting knife, hand grenade, etc), vampires (stake hammer, two stakes, three garlic heads, etc), werewolves (musket with silver bullets, protective amulet, black powder flask, etc), or demons (large cross, holy water, bible, etc). Mount one near a crucial, defendable choke point in your home, forget about it, and pray you’ll never see the day where you break that glass.

Check out the lineup at In Case Of – roughly $180