iMac 5K Retina

Our Retina MacBook Pro spoiled us. It’s one reason why we built in Retina capabilities into this very site just a few weeks ago. It’s also why we obviously can’t ever go back to using computers with standard resolution displays. That said, with its 27-inch 5K display — that’s 5120 x 2880 pixels, by the way — and the power to drive it thanks to Intel’s 3.5GHz quad-core i5, Apple’s long awaited iMac with 5K Retina will please even the most detail-oriented users. And while its resolution is impressive, it’s not just about numbers since each display is submitted to exacting calibration processes to meet recognized color standards around the world. It also runs OS X Yosemite, sports a 1 to 3TB fusion drive that couples a speedy SSD to a large capacity spinning disk, and features two Thunderbolt 2 ports which boast double the bandwidth of its predecessor and eight times that of USB 3.0.

Read more at Apple or Amazon – $2,500