Ideum Multitouch Coffee Table

We mightn’t be inclined to place our scalding hot coffee on it, but the truth is Ideum’s USA-built Multitouch Coffee Table can take it thanks to a bezel-less design that has the surface spill proof and water resistant. And if your iPad’s half dozen or so touch points seemed half decent, consider that Ideum’s tables support a whopping 60, meaning even a crowd won’t throw it off its game. Available in 32- and 42-inch sizes, these coffee tables ship with Windows 8 which grants access to thousands of touch-centric apps, all powered by a small form factor computer with an Intel Quad Core i7 at the helm. Other niceties include palm rejection technology (a must at this level), a variety of connectivity routes including Bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi, WiDi, and USB 2.0, plus a rugged vandal-proof design of chemically strengthened glass coupled to aircraft-grade aluminum.

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