iBubble Underwater Drone

Drones that takes to the skies are a dime a dozen nowadays. But if you love diving or snorkelling, the iBubble Underwater Drone may be more on-point. Install your GoPro behind this highly visible yellow drone’s bubble visor and set it free. Several near-silent motors spin to life, following and filming you — or the wearer of the included tracker/controller bracelet — at depths of up to 200 feet and at speeds of 1.9 knots. Dual 1,000 lumen lights ensure visibility even when deeper (and darker) and its several filming modes include Follow Me, 360° Selfie, as well as zoom and manual modes, all selected right from the bracelet. One hour of battery life means there’s plenty of time to explore, with warnings that trigger when battery life is low to give you time to hook it to your back and surface. Though if the iBubble were to run out of juice unexpectedly, a backup CO2 cartridge triggers to boost buoyancy and float it up to the surface.

Hit up Indiegogo to learn more – $700