Hurom Giugiaro Design Slow Juicers

Giugiaro Design is best known for designing Italian supercars, amongst others. So it’s no surprise that Hurom’s Giugiaro Design Slow Juicers boast curves just as likely to be found on a Ferrari or Maserati. The two models — the H-AE and H-AF, which appear to be identical in every way except visual design — are a step above Hurom’s other products, with a slow spinning, quiet-running 43 rpm juicer that mimics hand squeezing, taste and pulp control that lets you decide how much pulp makes it to your juice, and relatively easy cleanup made easier by an inner spinning brush that rotates during juicing to keep both the chamber and strainer clean and clog-free. Each model comes in one color and features a distinct power button reminiscent of those found in luxury vehicles.

Learn more at Hurom – $700