HTC Grip

So here’s another watch/sports bracelet that will stay in the drawer until the battery goes dead, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about training you know that the more dedicated you are to the art of self-improvement, the more your hard work rewards you. The HTC Grip understands this perfectly. Time, distance and speed are accessible anytime so you can track every mile, minute or rep. However the grip is more than a glorified pedometer. HTC has paired it with Under Armor’s iOS and Android Record app for a complete workout training experience. Forget lugging around your smartphone and rely on the GPS enable Grip to capture distance, pace, calories burned and then sync to your phone when you get home. Or, keep your smartphone with you and control it from your wrist to receive call notifications, messages, or just to skip to the next song on your play list. Waterproof, breathable material and easy-to-read display were all specifically designed for hard training. And like you, the Grip can hang tough to the end of your workout — even a marathon — with its 5-hour battery life.

Available in spring. Learn more at HTC – $200