Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan

Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan operates without any emissions and boasts a range that’s the longest of any alternative vehicle, on par with most gasoline-powered vehicles. Clarity’s powered by a Clarity Fuel Cell stack that’s denser and more compact than its predecessor, fitting under the hood alongside a torquey 174 horsepower electric motor that it drives. The reaction mixes hydrogen from its fuel tank with oxygen from the air, creating electricity and resulting in water as waste. Its low and wide aerodynamic body also aids fuel efficiency, and inside it’s equipped with a large center display that works with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for turn-by-turn directions, music, and calling. It’s also got a heads-up display that projects driver info onto the windshield itself, room for five on fine leather seating, and a refuelling time of about three minutes, so you’ll never need to wait for slow-charging batteries to top up.

Rolling out in late winter in California, for starters. Learn more at Honda – $60,000