Moai Smart Fish Tank Cleaner

Cleaning an aquarium is never easy. But it should always be performed meticulously if you want your pet fishes to survive, grow, and live healthier and happier. Thankfully, you can now say goodbye to the very tedious process of fish tank cleaning with the MOAI, the very first robot that is designed and programmed to do one thing – clean your fish tank. And because it is embedded…



Killspencer Dog Collection

Killspencer’s black-on-black leather luxuries are finally coming to a pet near you. The Killspencer Dog Collection features expertly constructed leashes, collars, and harnesses, all handmade in their Los Angeles Workshop of thick bullhide leather or 1200lb mil-spec black nylon webbing. The leash comes in your choice of the two materials as does the adjustable collar (shown, left), which also features a military grade Cobra buckle, while the harness comes…

GET IT: $65+


JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium

They may not be as lively as goldfish but jellyfish are nicer to look at, and the JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium houses a few in your very home. Despite its clean looks the acrylic tank features a safely concealed pump to simulate water flow in their natural environment, a mechanical/biological filtration system to keep the water fresh for your delicate, translucent friends, and an RGB LED that can be set…

GET IT: $175+


Casper Dog Mattress

Casper’s return policy on standard mattresses includes a 100 night trial. And it’s no different for the Casper Dog Mattress. Designed by the same team but customized to the average dog’s preferences, combining memory foam with a heftier support foam and a thicker upper surface material that mimics the sensation of loose earth to let your pup’s natural digging instincts kick in before he hits the hay. The removable bonded microfiber cover is…


Grrowler Dog Collar Water Bowl

Thanks to their shape, water bowls aren’t particularly portable. But with the Grrowler Dog Collar Water Bowl you can travel light by having your pet bring along his or her own. The Grrowler is made of rugged, machine-washable Cordura Nylon and comes in small or large sizes to fit dogs of various statures. Unclip it, unzip, and unfold to provide a fully functional water bowl in seconds just about anywhere. It’s also got…


Petnet SmartFeeder

Why waste your time doing something that can be automated? The Petnet SmartFeeder makes it easy to reliably feed your pet according to a given schedule, giving you full control on feeding times and the size of portions, the latter measured precisely every time. Its machine washable hopper holds up to 7 pounds of food, enough to last several days between fills for cats and small dogs. Petnet also features a stainless steel…


Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

When it comes to pets, few are more exotic than the ones contained within the Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium. This domed borosilicate glass tank shows off up to three jellyfish nudged around by the current created by its StreamMaker diffuser that lets water circulate without harming or aspirating the delicate creatures. Else, it’s fitted with individually controllable RBG LEDs that light the tank up in various colors and hides all pump, filters, and tubes…