Honeywell MN Series 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Vital Statistics

  • 14,000 BTUs of air conditioning power.
  • Auto-evaporative capability frees you from being tethered to the drip pan.
  • Can remove up to 86 pints of moisture per day from the air in dehumidifier mode.
  • Cools any room up to a startling 550 square feet.
  • Costs less than you imagine.

Portable ACs are typically rated from around 5,000 BTUs up to about 12,000 BTUs (one ton). This range correlates more or less with the BTU range of standard window units. So in effect what you have in the portable air conditioner unit is a window unit on wheels. And that’s great. A few intrepid manufacturers dare to cross the line however and push the cool up to 11 by offering portable air conditioners with a full 14,000 BTUs of cooling capacity and Honeywell is one of those companies.

Is it Too Much?

There’s a reason why most window units don’t exceed 12,000 BTUs and that has to do with the size of the average room. Until fairly recently living rooms and kitchens rarely exceeded 400 – 450 square feet. For that reason there was really no need for an air conditioner that had more than 12,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. And since portable air conditioners are basically window units on wheels (as we mention above) they were designed to adhere to window unit specs. In recent years however, living rooms in many new homes have grown to 500 square feet or even more, meaning the 12,000 BTU AC was just not big enough to get the job done. Enter the 14,000 BTU unit. Not all manufacturers currently produce units this large but you can bet it won’t be long before they do.


  • 14,000 BTUs of cooling power – If you have a larger than average living room or kitchen you no longer have to think about installing a pair of window units, or a window unit and a portable air conditioning unit to keep the space cool and dry. The Honeywell MN Series 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner will handle any space up to 550 square feet and in some cases even rooms slightly larger (think finished basements, rooms that don’t receive direct sunlight etc). It’s an incredible feat for a consumer grade air conditioning unit and is sure to make life easier for those who were either using the 2-unit setup before or who were trying to finesse their central air system to just keep certain, high use rooms cool instead of the whole house.
  • Looks – Honeywell’s MN Series portable air conditioners are – for our money anyway – the hands down winners in portable air conditioning design. Each entry in the series sports the same basic design of being tapered at both the top and bottom and having the air flow out of a hinged vent on top. Blowing the air out and up this way makes for a more effective distribution of air and allows the unit to run more efficiently than its competitors. The slick black finish on the 14,000 BTU entry into the MN Series also allows the appliance to meld nicely into the background.
  • Simple setup/Quiet operation – You won’t need to be a NASA engineer to figure out how to set up this air conditioner. It’s really nothing more than taking it out of the box, extending the vent hose to the window and switching it on. Once the unit is running you may be surprised at how quiet it is as well. Somehow the engineers at Honeywell managed to keep the noise level of this 14,000 BTU unit to only 55 decibels. While 55 decibels is still enough to be noticed it’s not so much that it’s going to be an issue and is actually less than some 12,000 BTU units.
  • In addition – Beyond all those wonderful attributes this portable air conditioning unit also boasts auto-evaporative capability which frees you from constantly needing to keep an eye on the collection pan. The unit also employs environmentally friendly refrigerant and the remote control that comes with the unit is free of the kind of head-scratching “What does that do?” buttons you’ll find on many other remotes.


  • Size – You wouldn’t expect a 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner to be tiny and this one is not. But in another win for the design team they’ve smartly kept a great deal of the bulk in the back of the unit so the front presents and nice lean, clean profile to the room. Still, it is a big unit so you’ll need to take care when moving it about and you’ll definitely want help moving it up and down the stairs.