Honeywell MM14CHCS Portable Air Conditioner Review

Vital Statistics

  • Multiple operational modes including cooling, dehumidifying, heating and fan only.
  • Programmable for up to 24 hours in advance.
  • 14,000 BTUs of rapid cooling capability.
  • Can handle standard rooms up to 550 square feet in size.
  • Easy to understand controls.

Honeywell makes some of the most outstanding portable air conditioners on the market today and are industry leaders in the 14,000 BTU sector. Their MM14CHCS model slips nicely into line with their other great portable air conditioners and upholds the company tradition of producing easy to use, dependable and affordable appliances for home use. If you own a modern home with larger than average rooms you owe it to yourself to take a look at this unit before deciding which portable air conditioner to buy.


  • Versatility – With some low-end portable air conditioners you get the ability to cool the room or run the fan and that’s about it. With the MM14CHCS you have all your normal cooling options plus the fan-only option plus the dehumidifier option and the heating mode option. That last item is of particular interest because it could really save you a lot of money this winter when it comes to keeping your home toasty. The built in heating option doesn’t require the burning of any fossil fuels, nor does it require you to use vast amounts of electricity to heat coils to warm the room. Instead it pulls heat from the outside air and delivers it inside.
  • Compact size – Generally the greater the BTUs the bigger the portable air conditioner (or window unit for that matter). The MM14CHCS bucks the trend however by packing all its formidable cooling power into a shell that’s a mere 16×16.5×30 inches. While that certainly can’t be considered “small” it is significantly smaller than some of its 14,000 BTU competitors. In a larger room (which is the only type of room you should be using this in) you’ll appreciate that relatively slender profile because it won’t wind up blocking traffic lanes or getting in the way of the TV. Keep in mind though that while the unit is small for its power range it’s not light.
  • Ease of installation – While you’ll need to use the ventilator kit and hose that comes with the unit to set up a ventilation port in the nearest window that operation likely won’t take more than a few minutes. It’s also the only real setup involved with this portable air conditioner. Should you decide to move it to another room the window vent will break down even faster than it set up. Once set up controls are readily accessible and easy to understand. You have the choice of direct input into the control panel on the unit or using the handy remote that comes as part of the package.


  • Not so auto evaporative – While the supporting documentation for the unit boasts about its auto evaporative capability we have to say that’s not really the case. There is a pan at the base to catch condensation and, unlike with a truly auto-evaporative unit, you’ll need to empty this pan a couple of times a day on average if you use the unit a lot. If we know going in that’s the case it’s not such a big deal. But finding out after purchasing the unit that you need to drain the pan is not something that will leave a sweet taste in most people’s mouth.