GreenWorks Pro Snow Thrower

Don’t risk breaking your back shoveling snow from your driveway, patio, or even the curb outside your home. Use the GreenWorks Pro Cordless Snow Thrower instead. Its 80 volt battery is enough to power its brushless motor for a more efficient and super quiet management of snow, clearing for you and everyone else a 20-inch path. It is powerful enough to clear up to 10 inches of snow….



Depstech WiFi Endoscope

The Depstech Endoscope is different to others on the market today. This upgraded version uses wifi, unlike other endoscopes on the market and is compatible with Andriod and iPhone. Very easy to use, by simply connecting to the ‘Wifi View’ app and then inspection can begin. With a high resolution, 2 mega pixel, HD camera, you can see perfectly into your rusty pipes or down the back of…



Mayku FormBox

It’s compact and not particularly high tech, but the Mayku FormBox can help you make stuff that your 3D printer couldn’t dream of — though they’d work particularly well together, and you’ll soon see why. This desktop vacuum former plugs to your existing vacuum cleaner using a universal adapter and makes molds of things in seconds: just load in a thermo-plastic sheet (ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, or other plastic…

GET IT: $500


Flux Delta+ Multifunctional 3D Printer

The Flux Delta+ Multifunctional 3D Printer can indeed print stuff from eco-friendly PLA at a resolution of 20 microns. But what’s particularly unique about this three-sided device is compatibility with additional toolheads that leverages its precise 3-axis moving system for other tasks, including laser engraving, vinyl cutting, drawing with basically any pen, pencil, or other writing implement that you’d like, and even 3D scanning objects for CAD modification. Mixing and matching functionality…

GET IT: $600+


iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

You don’t need a sprawling stash of screwdrivers and tools to open your gadgets, and here to prove it is the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit. Inside you’ll find a magnetized driver handle with sixteen precision screwdriver bits, electrostatic discharge safe angled precision tweezers, a spudger, a few opening picks, a very thin jimmy, plus an opening tool and suction handle. It’s enough to handle nearly all broken screen repairs and…

GET IT: $20


Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

More a sort of welder than a glue, Bondic is the quickest and simplest way to fix or fill nearly anything made of plastic, wood, metal, or fabric. Bondic is much easier to use than glue since it can be positioned — think welding — without drying too quickly, nor will the liquid in the tube dry if you forget to recap it. Then, expose Bondic to UV rays using the included…