Piani Stone Desk Lamp

Bring the elegance of a performance stage right on your desk or tabletop with the Piani Stone Desk Lamp. With a rectangular stage-like base made of pure basalt stone, the Piani can exude with sophistication and elegance regardless of what you put on top of the base. It features a tray to hold your EDC and if you’re not into stone desktop accessories, you can always opt for…



Gather Modular Desk Organizer

Your workspace is packed with various miscellany and tools that all need to be kept within arms reach, a daunting task that the Gather Modular Desk Organizer is well-equipped to handle. This sleek, solid walnut or maple slab sits on your desk and features several slots in which to fit various white ABS components that span a phone holder, a sticky note pad, a pen holder, and both small and large trays. The pieces can…

GET IT: $100+


Ferrari x Poltrona Frau Cockpit Desk Chair

The Ferrari x Poltrona Frau Cockpit Desk Chair is to your run-of-the-mill desk chair what a Ferrari’s seat is to a Hyundai’s: better, and certainly more luxurious. Available in two versions — the high-backrest President (shown, left) and the smaller Executive (right) — both swivel, can recline, and be raised and lowered, but more importantly are inspired from the ergonomics of competitive racing seats despite the fact that the only…



Review: Flexispot Standing Desk Riser

If you’re anything like us, you’re glued to a desk for an unhealthy amount of time each day. One fix is to find a job suited to your skill sets that won’t have you working on a computer most of the day. Good luck with that. A less drastic solution is the standing desk, and Flexispot sent over one of their best-selling Standing Desk Risers (to be placed on top of your…

GET IT: $270+


Perpetuum Calendar

Time is seemingly infinite, but most calendars and date-tracking apparatus aren’t, instead relegated to recycling once full. But as its name suggests the Perpetuum Calendar isn’t going to run out or wear down in any foreseeable future. Made of a minimal three parts, its sawtooth roof-inspired base — with month and day markings — is 3D-printed of a fabric-like plastic in either grey or jet black that almost looks like it’s…

GET IT: $510


Emko Pill Wall-Mounted Desk

Not all spaces are built for gargantuan workspaces, nor do all jobs require them. The Emko Pill Wall-Mounted Desk is a more palatable option for smaller apartments, saving room when not in use while maintaining a clean aesthetic thanks to three closing doors that hide all of its contents when closed. The round cabinet’s top door folds down to form a desk suitable for getting work done on a laptop, tablet, or…

GET IT: $2,200


Altwork Station

Gravity would have it that your current workstation surface is angled parallel to the surface of the earth on which it sits. So in a way the Altwork Station defies gravity. It’s not really for drawing or writing when inclined at angles, but the Altwork offers a highly comfortable and adaptable chair that moves along with the computer monitors, keyboard, and mouse, the two latter stuck to the desk’s…

GET IT: $4,900+


Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 Desk Lamp

The Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 Desk Lamp certainly isn’t devoid of color. The third in a line of collaborations between the British fashion designer and the lamp manufacturer, the Type 75 Edition Three takes inspiration from Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s De Stijl’s art style of bold, basic colors and essential forms. Its form and design has also continuously been refined over the 80 or so years since…

GET IT: $240


Artifox Desk 02

It’s as minimal as its name would suggest but the Artifox Desk 02 isn’t lacking in thoughtfulness. It’s made of either white oak or walnut with either a surface of the same or of white powder coated steel. The classic design assembles easily, with features that include an integrated steel grid on the backside to cleanly attach chargers, a dock that acts as a resting place for your phone and tablet, holes in said…

GET IT: $900+


Woolsey Agent Desk

Its name is inspired by a secret agent who’s found slightly more often in the field than at his desk. But that doesn’t mean the Woolsey Agent Desk is any less deserving of the moniker. Made of American Black Walnut surface atop a steel powder coated frame, this handsome workstation is equipped with Blum soft close drawers with leather lined bottoms, a lockable middle drawer for your computer, tablet, and other sensitive documents, plus a…


Concrete Desk Set

Areaware’s Concrete Desk Set isn’t going anywhere. The trio includes a pencil holder, tape dispenser, and a tray, all cast from hefty solid concrete to maintain their position solidly on your desk and keep all the gear you need to stay productive within grasp. Plus with a uniform surface color and smooth, clean lines, the minimal set fits in and looks good on virtually any desk. Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $50


CableDrop Multi

Like the original single-cable CableDrop, Bluelounge’s CableDrop Multi holds your cables — only it holds more than before at four instead of one. Affix these little plastic gadgets to a flat surface on your desk with peel-and-stick 3M adhesive tape, then clip in a few cables. Its two outer channels have a looser grip for thinner cables, or those which you use more frequently, while the two inner ones grip a…


Danzo Landscape Organizers

Danzo’s five Landscape Organizers are far more specialized than most desk organizers you’ll find locally, each suiting a specific range of desktop or everyday carry items — at least besides the Basic (bottom left) which is relatively standard. Hill (bottom right), for instance, features three circular high-rises that fit watches, bracelets, and rings or collar stays in their indentations, while Volcano (top left) boasts a large crater for pens…


Vintage Industrial Crank Sit Stand Desk

Big, heavy, and nigh-indestructible, Vintage Industrial’s Crank Sit Stand Desk isn’t your generic store-bought made-in-China desk. The top is made of either heavy gauge plate steel or 2-inch solid hardwood and wrapped in bolted metal trim. This sits atop a hefty base that’s offset towards the back for additional legroom and that’s equipped with a 3-ton rated screw mechanism that’s operated by a hard-to-miss crank wheel on its left…


Edge Desk

Chances are high that your chair and desk combo wears you out after a few hours, making working or studying even more of a chore than it already was. The Edge Desk aims to help you find a better, more ergonomic bodily position that’ll stave off back strain and pain — and therefore increase productivity — by fusing a desk with a kneeling chair. Two thick, padded knee rests and a…


Oristand Standing Desk

Standing desks don’t come cheap — not most of them, anyway. But the Oristand Standing Desk is undeniably affordable, granting its user a healthy alternative to sitting while working that’s made entirely out of industrial-grade cardboard. It’s easily strong enough to support the weight of even the heaviest laptop and provides a stepped surface that’s plenty wide for a keyboard and mouse. When you don’t need it Oristand folds flat, and…


Refold Standing Desk

It’s nothing fancy, but if you’ve been looking for a simple standing desk this is it. The Refold Standing Desk weighs in at just over 14 pounds and is made entirely of cardboard. Though that’s not to say Refold is weak: its surface can hold up to 190 pounds, easily supporting your entire workstation. Else, it assembles in less than two minutes from its four parts, comes in three heights to accommodate different…


Grovemade Leather Mouse Pad

Odds are good that the mousepad you’re currently using was free and is plastered with some big, flashy ad. Odds are also good that your workspace deserves better. Grovemade’s Leather Mouse Pad is the polar opposite of cheap, instead constructed of hard-wearing materials like supple vegetable tanned leather, a hand-sanded walnut or maple pen basin, and a slip-reducing cork lining underneath. Each is made in Portland and ages gracefully, developing a…


Mini Museum 2

By far the most interesting piece to adorn your desk, Hans Fex’s Mini Museum 2 continues where the first edition left off by displaying a collection of curious items, all frozen within a high clarity, hand-cast Lucite acrylic slab. Amongst the twenty-sex unique specimens are a sliver of Mount Fuji’s hardened lava, 110 million year old ammonite, a piece of Stegosaurus dorsal plate, some Colombian raw emerald, a bit of medieval…


Bulbing 2D LED Lamps

Bulbing’s series of 2D LED Lamps are an incredibly unique take on the traditional reading light. Seen from the side each lamp appears to sport a three-dimensional wire frame shade, gorgeous in its own right. A closer look — or a rotation of the lamp — reveals its low-profile, two-dimensional design, with an acrylic shade that’s still bright enough to use for reading or to function as a night table light. It’s also equipped with…


Kelvin LED Green Table Lamp

Made of a combination of die-cast and extruded aluminum parts, the Kelvin LED Green Table Lamp is likely far prettier than whatever’s currently lighting your desk. More interesting, however, is its built in Daylight Sensor which lets the lamp automatically adjust its light output by analyzing the brightness of the work surface below it, decreasing energy use when ambient lighting is compensating partially. It’s also controlled and adjusted to several brightnesss using a…


ElevationLab Anchor

Frankly, we’ve got way too many pairs of headphones lying around our flats. Keep them — or the ones near your desk, anyway — organized with the ElevationLab Anchor. Made of solid medical-grade silicone, the Anchor mounts easily under a desk or table using a strong 3M adhesive and holds two pairs of headphones out of sight thanks to its double-sided hook. Plus, unlike metal hooks, it’s flexible enough to not hurt your…


Fade Task Light

Most desk lamps are fitted with intricate articulations that inevitably fail. Not the Fade Task Light, which instead leverages a sliding steel sheet that offers 60 degrees of tilt per hinge, or 120 degrees total arm tilt, all without the use of any traditional moving parts. The base of the arm also rotates 270 degrees and is fitted with a touch-sensitive on button plus analog control that slides along 2 axes: up…


Ito Bindery Drawing Pad

If many a brilliant idea was first conceived on a coffee shop napkin, imagine what sort of traction quick scribbles to an Ito Bindery Drawing Pad might entail. These gorgeous 70 sheet pads couple precision-cut, satin-smooth drawing paper to a contrasting black cardboard base for a flawless aesthetic that nearly passes for a render. The Japanese-made pads are available in three sizes – A6, A5, and A4 – each…